Sunday, April 28, 2013


We're so proud of Miguel's Rank 5 finish and
Juventus leadership award.
I keep telling Miguel and Gabriel that they are so
many times better than their dad. So thankful
to God, happy and proud.

The boys with Ma'am Raia, their English teacher and
English Club adviser. Ma'am Raia's been instrumental
to the boy's emceeing assignments at school programs.
 After ranking second in his class for the last two quarters of the school year, Miguel graduated ranked seventh in their batch. The commencement rites were held Saturday, March 23. It started off with anticipated mass for Palm Sunday at 4 pm during which Miguel read the part of the crowd in the gospel reading of the Passion of Christ. There was a break before the candidates marched in again for the graduation ceremonies. By the time we finished it was already 9 at night. Dinner was courtesy of Jay who celebrated fellow Bosconian Best friend Ige's graduation with a buffet meal at their home.
The boys with DBA Pampanga Rector Fr. Ditto S. Gueco.
Fr. Rector congratulated us and complimented Miguel's
part in the gospel reading.