Friday, September 9, 2016

Miguel Before School (Imported Blog 2 ca. 2004)

Miguel before school

One of the school requirements for registration was the completion of a questionnaire that asked us to describe our child, a task my wife let me accomplish. When I gave my answers to my wife for editing, she became teary-eyed saying that her son was fast growing up. That's how Nai is. Mababaw ang luha, pero may sapat na dahilan naman. I have posted this here because it captures Miguel right before he started school.

What does your child like doing? What are his interests? 
Miguel, as we call him, enjoys play as any child would. He has no specific favorite game and would request different playtime activities from one day to the next. Some of the things he enjoys for play are ball games; digging up soil, sand and stones; activities involving water like bubble baths, swimming, blowing bubbles, watering plants, and water guns. Although we discourage toy guns (with water guns as exception), he would make one of his own from Lego and Duplo bricks and pretend play at shooting. Miguel may be a budding nature lover. He is interested in insects/bugs particularly beetles and butterflies. At 1 year old he was collecting stones. He is also keen on frogs and earthworms and loves dinosaurs. On the fictional side, he is into robots (Iron Giant, Transformers and Zoids) and animation. Favorite characters include Dexter, Peter Pan, Superman, the Justice League and those from the Pixar/Walt Disney films especially Buzz from Toy Story and Mike and Sulley from Monster Inc. We do not subscribe to the Cartoon Network on cable and the cartoons he views are those that we provide through video. He grew up mostly on Barney and Blue’s Clues and liked Elmo for a time. At night, he would sometimes request to have a book read to him. Favorites include Dr. Seuss and book versions of Walt Disney animated classics.

What can your child do best? What are his strong points? 
Miguel is a happy child, and takes little to amuse him. He can share in on a joke and his screams of laughter are infectious. Medyo mababaw ang kaligayahan. We are often amazed at the things Miguel remembers although of course these are always centered on him. But we believe that he may have an exceptional memory. He is usually well-behaved. He can already sing some nursery rhymes, and we find that it is easy to teach him simple songs. He is a loving child and is solicitous to his younger brother (2-year gap).

What are your child’s weaknesses? 
Lately we have noticed Miguel becoming initially shy around strangers (we know this to be natural) but also around relatives. With family, it takes some time, but when he becomes more comfortable, he is enjoyable company. He seldom throws tantrums now, but used to really test our patience before. Miguel is also a fussy eater with a fondness for sweets.

Is there anything you feel your child’s teacher must know? 
Miguel is toilet trained urinating, but up to now asks for a disposable diaper when defecating. We don’t force the issue and believe that he will do so when ready; nonetheless we have offered incentives via money “saved from diapers will buy toys” he wants instead. He knows this but still uses diapers. We know how children take everything that teacher says seriously so maybe this is one area that his teacher may really help. 

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