Friday, September 9, 2016

Jimmy Jokes (Imported Blog 3)

Jimmy Jokes

Whenever a bad joke is offered at work, everyone cries "Jimmy joke". I resent that of course. The implication that all I ever serve up lack humor is completely false. Come to think of it, probably it's just that nobody ever appreciates puns, of which I am terribly fond of. Yep, punny I am. Puny I certainly am not. Whatever, I always enjoy a good laugh and here are some lighthearted moments with my kids.

On our summer trek to Baguio, we were having a difficult time explaining to our kids the vandalism done on the large bust of Marcos along the hi-way, until television came to the rescue. We offered that people were mad with Marcos but that only prompted a "why?" from my son. I finally satisfied their curiosity by using a common "Barney" topic: People were mad because Marcos didn't like to take turns.

My wife and I were surprised to hear 3-year-old Miguel using the word "sexy" during play with his younger brother. Because Miguel had once called his mom sexy after she has taken a bath, my wife became curious and asked Miguel what he meant. To our great amusement, he referred to an action figure his brother has taken the clothes off from. 

I was surprised to overhear Miguel and Gabriel using the word sexy again while they were playing in their room. Curious, I came in and asked them who was sexy. Pointing to the Justice League packaging of a Batmancostume we had bought for a party. Gabriel said it was Wonder Womanwho was sexy. Deciding to probe their understanding of the word, I asked: How about Hawk Girl? Sexy, both boys shouted. How about Batman? Again they answered: sexy. Hmmm. How about mommy? Macho! Miguel shouted, mischief gleaming in his eyes.
One of the things Nai likes to do when cuddling with the kids at bed time is to ask them what I would call her kulit questions. Once she asked Miguel whether he missed his dad while I was away on work. Miguel answered, yes he did. Nai then asked, how about mommy, do you miss mommy. Miguel said no. Taken aback, his mom then asked again with a hurt tone in her voice, you don't miss mommy? So Miguel conceded and said, Miss din,but qualified konti lang. 

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